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Benefits of UCaaS

Benefits transitioning from on-premise legacy phone systems to cloud communication and collaboration software could not only yield cost savings, but increased revenue from improved workforce productivity and customer service. 


Built-in redundancy

Inherently built upon a foundation of network redundancy and reliability, in the highly unlikely event of a data center issue such as loss of internet connectivity or poweryour service will be covered by another data center, allowing for nearly seamless continuity of service.  


The leading UCaaS providers use world-class data centers with multiple layers of security and the required redundancy to make businesses feel confident their data is safe. Additional security features have become attractive for various verticals that have to adhere to specific compliance regulations, such as HIPPA, PCI and GDPR.


Unlike on-premises solutions, UCaaS is flexible and scalable, giving businesses the option of adding or subtracting users and expanding or cutting options and capabilities as needed. And because it’s a software as a service (SaaS) model, scaling up or down doesn’t require a huge investment of money or resources. 

Reduced IT workloads/decreased maintenance

An internal IT team doesn’t need to manage time-consuming updates or security patches, which are administered by the provider, thus reducing the demand on internal IT departments. 


Companies of all seizes are employing mobile and remote workforces, which have made real-time collaboration a must-have. With easy out-of-the-box collaboration tools as well as the ability to integrate a variety of other collaboration services, UCaaS offers a compelling and affordable solution.


Today, business isn’t defined by 9 to 5 office work. People want to be able to work wherever and whenever they need to, meaning mobile integration is essential. UCaaS-native mobile integration provides advanced business calling features across multiple devices, such as softphones, as well as the ability for desk and mobile phones to ring—all simultaneously.  

Open API 

UCaaS doesn’t have to be a standalone product. The open API environment allows companies to integrate other software solutions, such as Office 365, Dropbox and Skype for Business into their UCaaS platform. 

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