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Cloud Connects: Your Direct Route to SaaS or Cloud Environment

A cloud connect is a connectivity solution that provides high-performance, reliability, and security through a private end-to-end connection between the user and the cloud environment. Cloud connectivity plays a key factor in the performance of cloud-based applications traversing the network. Without competition for bandwidth, and a private path directly to the cloud, cloud connects improve app performance and overall productivity by adding secure, controlled and specified delivery.

If your business is...
  • Using cloud-based applications
  • Managing a mix of applications and systems with private, hybrid and public clouds
  • Looking for security, control and performance in the cloud
  • Working with multiple cloud vendors
  • Looking for end-to-end performance, SLAs and analysis on network performance
  • Experiencing poor performance with cloud applications and/or SaaS
  • Experiencing latency when accessing cloud applications and/or SaaS
  • Varying experience w/ cloud/SaaS between users across multiple offices / remote

Then you should consider investing in a cloud connect.

The benefits:
  • Scalable bandwidth in real-time
  • Reduced latency and improved performance
  • Prioritize specific applications over the network
  • Application reliability with private connects
Your connection options: Public vs. Private


  • Third-Party Controls: Organization is limited with a third-party controlling data system.
  • Unpredictable Internet connection: as with any data traversing the public internet, performance will be “best-effort” with variance in latency, routes, hops, etc.
  • Potential Threats: Sensitive data may be vulnerable to attackers through a public connection.
  • Bandwidth Commitment: Customers pay based on a set bandwidth commitment, not usage, so bandwidth that isn’t being utilized is still being paid for


  • Greater Control: Customer manages network connection, with the option to prioritize applications and software usage based on business needs.
  • Improved Performance: Circumvent the public internet to increase network performance and reliability.
  • Stronger Security: Protect data from unwanted intruders with a private, fully-encrypted, and dedicated connection.
  • Cost Efficiency: Control bandwidth and allocate resources based on business needs.