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Do I Need a UCaaS Solution?

Here are some questions to consider when determining if your organization can benefit from a UCaaS solution 

  • What communication systems do you have in place today? Are they on-premise, how old are they, and have they fully depreciated? 
  • How many employees do you have? 
  • How are your employees dispersed? Are they in multiple offices? Do they work from home and/or are they on the road? 
  • Do you have a CRM? 
  • Are there any barriers holding you back from deploying cloud communications? 
  • How many vendors you currently manage to keep your current communications going? Example phone, instant message, video and audio conferencing? 
  • Does your current phone system have a business continuity plan? If you experience an outage how long would it take to have the phone system back up and running? 
  • Are you currently (or do you have interest in) utilizing any of the following communications applications: mobility, auto conferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging, contact center? 

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