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Business Ethernet

Enabling IP networks to run on top of layer 2 connections, Ethernet is the most  widely installed LAN and WAN  technology. It is a less expensive and more powerful alternative to traditional connectivity solutions that require T1s and OCXs, with the ability to reach speeds up to 10 Gbps.

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Moving from Coax to Fiber

With the price in fiber having dropped over the past few years, businesses across the country, small  and large are thinking about upgrading. Let’s take a look at the Coax and Fiber landscape, improvements in technology, build outs and serviceability to see if it makes sense to upgrade your customers.

Is fiber replacing coax?
A summary of fiber benefits:
In general, fiber will have SLA’s (uptime and packet delivery) and symmetrical up and download speeds. Whereas cable typically has slow upload and faster download speeds. Fiber has more consistent throughput speeds and latency. And SLA’s ensure a better VoIP experience, holding the carrier more accountable. Overall, the mean time to repair fiber is shorter since it is typically business focused verse residential.
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Understanding Next-Gen Firewall

Amajority of companies have some sort of firewall. Many feel a false sense of protection and don’t even know the potential risks of insufficient armor against cyberattacks.

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Technology Consumption and the Changing Landscape

he rise of IoT, emerging technologies, and the increased demand for edge computing has presented new security and data center challenges. As such, conversations about network architecture have taken on  a different shape as of late.

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Cloud Connects: Your Direct Route to SaaS or Cloud Environment

A cloud connect is a connectivity solution that provides high-performance, reliability, and security through a private end-to-end connection between the user and the cloud environment. Cloud connectivity plays a key factor in the performance of cloud-based applications traversing the network. Without competition for bandwidth, and a private path directly to the cloud, cloud connects improve app performance and overall productivity by adding secure, controlled and specified delivery.

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Differentiating Cloud Connect Solutions

With the migration of applications to the cloud, the need for secure, scalable and easy-to-manage connections is an increasing reality. To date, connectivity providers have taken the following approaches to building their connections to the world’s largest cloud service providers:

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Understanding Multi-Cloud Environments

You’ve probably heard the term multi-cloud environment tossed around a lot lately, but do you really understand what it is?  Simply put, a multi-cloud environment is formed from two or more cloud computing services. Since no one provider offers a single solution that will fully address every requirement of a customer, typically more than one cloud service is leveraged to increase redundancy and/or maximize processing power. In doing so, the customer reduces its dependence on a single vendor, enabling increased flexibility throughout an enterprise environment. 

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Making a Seamless Migration to the Cloud

Whether changing platforms or transitioning business critical applications over to the cloud, companies are adopting cloud for a predictable operational expense model where upgrades and patch management are handled by service providers. Cloud solutions better enable mobile workforce collaboration and better align access to data, varying bandwidth and storage needs. Cloud also allows for improved disaster recovery and business continuity. 

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2019 Network Trends to Watch

A recent analysis from Maverick Research found that  80% of CIOs estimate that more than half of their business will be conducted on cloud infrastructure by 2020, and roughly the same number predicted applications supported by a SaaS platform will support more than half of their business transactions. 

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Overview of Internet-Network-Connectivity

Although the cloud can provide incredible value to organizations by providing cost-effective services and applications, multi and hybrid cloud environments create various network configurations for access and deployment.  

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