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8 Security Considerations for UCaaS

Given the increasing mobility of the current workforce, the need for on-demand technology and services will only keep growing at a rapid rate. One area that will be a huge catalyst for this is unified communications.  Today, remote workers and field sales positions want devices and apps to quickly reach their counterparts.

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On-Premise vs. Cloud-based Voice

An unbiased look at how to choose the right voice path for your business 

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UCaaS Buying Guide

According to Gartner, by 2017, approximately 48% of IT planners expect the cloud to be their primary deployment model for Unified Communications (UCaaS) functionality. 

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The Present and Future State of UCaaS

Enterprise IT decision-makers have ranked and placed various technology as instrumental to business growth. When it comes to migrating and innovating departments with cloud, executives look for: 

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Do I Need a UCaaS Solution?

Here are some questions to consider when determining if your organization can benefit from a UCaaS solution 

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Benefits of UCaaS

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Take Your Communications to the Cloud With a UCaaS Platform

Unified Communication as a service —UCaaS—is the delivery of communications and collaboration applications and services through a third-party provider over an IP network, usually the public Internet. In the beginning, UCaaS was synonymous with voice services and seen almost exclusively as a replacement for traditional phone services. 

However, UCaaS has since become an umbrella term for a suite of business communication solutions: phone, email, voicemail and messaging. UCaaS has developed from solely a communications solution into a broader collaboration and productivity tool in a relatively short time, adding significant value for customers of all sizes. 

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6 Security Factors to Consider When Selecting a UCaaS Provider

Unified communications as a Service (UCaaS) delivers a wealth of advantages in productivity and collaboration by integrating voice, chat, video/audio conferencing, faxing, and email. These benefits, though, come with several security challenges and often include mandatory industry standards that must be adhered to.  

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