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Three Options for Data Storage

Are you assessing storage solutions? Do you understand your options? What’s the best fit for your business  

Studies report 80% of the entire IaaS market is served by AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), IBM Bluemix, and Microsoft Azure. 

You’re likely here because you either don’t have a solution to backup and store your data—or you’re not sure your current solution is the right one for you. The right solution will depend entirely on how your business intends to use it. What kinds of files will you be storing; what kind of security do you need? Do you need to collaborate with other people, and what kinds of devices will be used to access these files and edit the data within?  

Cloud-based data storage solutions provide seamless access to all your essential data—from PDFs to spreadsheets, vector files to financials, employees no longer need to be tied to their desks to access the files they need to do their jobs; now workers can be productive from anywhere they have Internet access, whether it’s the kitchen table, the train, or across the globe.  

There are countless reasons why a business would want to invest in cloud storage aside from the obvious additional storage space and remote accessibility. Increased access to file-version history (ever need to restore a previous version of a file, only to find it no longer exists?), additional features to enhance collaboration, and increased security are a few reasons a business might chose to invest in cloud-based storage.

Download this quick guide on the 3 options for data storage today, and start learning what solution is the best fit for your business.  

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