It’s the Customer Experience Era

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Survey says 95% of IT leaders see a direct connection between communications technology and business profitability. 

The expectations of customers today include brand interactions and experiences that are completely seamless and effortless no matter the location, time or touchpoint. Welcome to the Age of the Customer. In this era, digitally-savvy customers are changing the rules of business, creating opportunities for companies that can adapt to the evolving environment and risking the sustainability of those that can’t.

The organizations that are prospering provide superior customer experiences and/or services. Businesses are going to great lengths to ensure they are where their customer is, whether that’s via voice, social media, chat, email, etc. In order to deliver on their high expectations, organizations—even those without a traditional call center—are leveraging cloud-ready contact center technologies to drive increased revenue with improved customer service. 

Companies, regardless of size, can no longer operate a service or technical department without integrated, cloud-based engagement solutions that support company-wide visibility, real-time CRM updates, inter-company file sharing, storage and more. Additionally, the need for tracking, employee training, accountability and management is much easier with CCaaS features like call recordings, transcripts and tracking. 

There are many CCaaS benefits for non-traditional call centers. Companies with improved customer engagement and satisfaction KPIs are turning to CCaaS for integrations with applications like Slack, CRMs, social media and more. Additionally, data storage security is enhanced with CCaaS. Security is vitally important not just for customer data such as email addresses and phone numbers, but for organizations taking payments and needing to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). CCaaS reduces an organization’s risk and is an added boost to customer confidence. 

While the benefits of CCaaS are many, the risks of not implementing CCaaS can put an organization at risk. Inconsistent customer experiences lead to higher levels of customer churn and operational inefficiencies. The largest potential risk remains with the inevitable increased IT spends due to high IT infrastructure costs. Contact Center as a Service represents an entirely new paradigm for business communications and collaboration. The Age of the Customer is in full-force, and the road to profitability is through communications technology, like CCaaS, which helps do away with outdated and inefficient voice, collaboration, productivity and reporting tools. 

Download the Tech Guidance CCaaS eBook for more information on how companies are deploying CCaaS to better the customer experience and improve internal efficiencies. 


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