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The Digital Transformation Guide

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What does digital transformation even mean? It seems pretty nebulous. A digital journey means something different for every company; perhaps it’s getting off legacy PBX and into the cloud, it could mean developing integrations and APIs into a CRM and other cloud software, for some it means deploying SharePoint and optimizing Office 365. 

Tech Guidance brings you theDigital Transformation Guide, a walk-thru on vertical adoption of cloud technologies, new technologies and use cases, and a play-by-play on what to purchase and why. We summarize digital transformation as technology decisions that help alleviate internal IT resources, streamline workloads, provide greater automation, more analytics, and data visualization through cloud enablement. 
451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) Digital Pulse   survey, revealing that 60% of the IT leaders surveyed plan to run the majority of their IT off-premises by year-end 2019. This includes public cloud and SaaS, with top initiatives including business intelligence, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and big data. 

Moving forward, businesses are now focused on differentiation rather than just “business as usual” and will utilize public cloud and data to do just that. 

According to IDC, nearly $2 trillion is forecasted to be spent on digital transformation projects by 2022.

Key purchases this year include backup/recovery, cloud migration services, performance monitoring, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud integration, and data protection, identity and access management.  

With the investment or reallocation of dollars for “digital”, companies across the globe are working to figure out how they choose to consume new technology best. Each company is different and there is no formulaic cloud adoption plan. 

Companies look to consultants to help navigate the digital journey, perform an audit and discovery to formulate digital game plans. Read the Digital Transformation Guide as it reviews technology and services to purchase and implement to help meet your upcoming business objectives.