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The CCaaS Vendor Comparison Guide

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The global contact center software market will grow to nearly $50B by 2025 – Grand View Research 

Companies, regardless of size, can no longer operate a service or technical department without integrated, cloud-based engagement solutions that support company-wide visibility, real-time CRM updates, inter-company file sharing, storage and more. Additionally, needs such as employee training, accountability, and management are much easier with CCaaS features like call recordings, transcripts and tracking. 

The benefits of utilizing a CCaaS Solution are plentiful: 

  • Less upfront capital 
  • Real-time communication with consumers 
  • Reduction of IT headcount or utilization on other pressing business technology 
  • Detailed analytics 
  • Personnel tracking and performance reporting 
  • Mobile workforce efficiencies 
  • Improved customer experience with omnichannel integrations 

But not all CCaaS vendors are alike. How do you select which is best for your company? There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to vendor offerings; finding out if they have these functionalities native within their solution or partner with specialists will help you determine the best fit:  

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 
  • True omnichannel capabilities – universal routing and queuing of voice and internet channels, such as email, webchat, SMS, social media and video 
  • Chatbot capability – self-service and assisted-service interactions and transactions
  • Proactive contact – including outbound dialing and SMS, push text and email notifications
  • Inbound, outbound & blended calling abilities – easily add or remove based on company needs
  • Open API – integrations with any existing or future software
  • Access to customer data – connections to existing web-based applications or CRM solutions via adapter or web technology toolkit 
  • Support of virtual operations – remote agents and subject matter experts that reside outside the traditional contact center operation
  • Customer relationship tracking and management – applications, operational support applications including reporting, analytics, sentiment analysis, and self-service capabilities

See how CCaaS vendors stack up in the Tech Guidance Vendor Comparison Guide. 


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